Autism Treatment

The situation in Hong Kong is similar to the international definition. In order to meet the developmental needs of patients with autism, our center provides the following treatment and training.

    Autism Spectrum

Symptoms of autism usually appear before the age of three, and the areas of life affected are summarized as follows:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication disorders
  • Interpersonal or social difficulties
  • Repetitive behaviors, stereotyped activity patterns, and narrow interests.
    • Speech therapy services

      Language understanding and expression

      mprove children with autism's ability to understand instructions and understand what others are saying, the motivations and implications behind them. At the same time, it enhances the integrity, organization and level of their expression sentences, and improves the problem of monotonous and stereotyped speech.

      Language use and social communication

      Reduce the phenomenon of autistic children asking questions knowingly and answering questions that are not intended. Therapists will also help them use appropriate vocabulary, tone, attitude and etiquette during conversations according to their roles and situations.

      Interpretation of ideas

      Through the training of thought interpretation, we can enhance our understanding of our own and others’ thoughts and feelings, and improve children’s ability to understand situational relationships and characters’ emotions.

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