Play Therapy

Play Therapy

Child-based play therapy

Children understand their world, express their inner thoughts and feelings, build social skills and bring about self-growth through games. In child-based play therapy, children can use selected toys to "act out" their inner thoughts and feelings in games, allowing psychologists to understand the child's inner world.

Play therapy is an effective way for students to find an outlet for their emotions. Whether students have emotional distress or behavioral problems, they can be improved through game therapy.

    If your child has the following conditions, he or she can get help through play therapy:

  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence, avoid new attempts and difficulties, and give up easily
  • Excessively withdrawn, afraid of contact with others, often worried about being laughed at
  • Lack of motivation to learn and fear of going to school
  • Easily anxious and fearful, often needing the company of a caregiver
  • Easily irritable, difficult to sleep, and have loss of appetite
  • Rebellious and unruly
  • Loss of temper easily, has difficulty controlling emotions, and hits others
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