Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Psychological assessment

After clinical psychologists understand the child or individual's information and background in detail through interviews, they will select appropriate standardized assessment methods according to their needs to make a clinical diagnosis and formulate treatment methods and development directions for the case. At the same time, parents and schools can understand children's development needs and help them realize their potential, overcome adversity and grow healthily. If necessary, they can also refer children to enroll in degree programs that suit their abilities.

Emotional counseling and behavioral therapy

Based on the assessment results, counseling psychologists will develop appropriate programs based on various growth, emotional, thought or behavioral difficulties of children or individuals, such as learning difficulties, behavioral problems, growth disorders, anxiety, fear, depression or interpersonal problems. Treatment goals and approaches. Common treatment methods include: cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and career planning Family therapy and parent-child relationship therapy are aimed at improving mental health, improving family relationships, discovering and cultivating gifted children, enhancing adaptability, and improving learning or work results.

    【Play therapy】

    Understand one's own world, express inner thoughts and feelings, build social skills and bring about self-growth through games. Services include:

  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence, avoid new attempts and difficulties, and give up easily
  • Excessively withdrawn, afraid of contact with others, often worried about being laughed at
  • Lack of motivation to learn and fear of going to school
  • Easily anxious and fearful, often needing the company of a caregiver
  • Easily irritable, difficult to sleep, and have loss of appetite
  • Rebellious and unruly
  • Losses easily, has difficulty controlling emotions, and hits others

【Career Planning】

    Establish life goals and career direction by understanding your own personal characteristics and considering surrounding environmental factors. Services include:

  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence, avoid new attempts and difficulties, and give up easily
  • Understand personality, interests, abilities and values
  • Understand the internal and external factors that influence career decisions
  • Develop the ability to plan and make decisions
  • Explore life goals and direction

Employee support service plan

The Employee Support Service Program is a confidential and professional psychological support program for employees and their immediate family members to help protect their physical, mental and mental health.

The scope of services includes psychological assessment, psychological counseling and referral programs to help troubled employees deal with various emotional and behavioral problems, including emotional problems, interpersonal relationships, stress, emotional distress, anxiety, etc. Our professional clinical psychologists and counseling psychologists handle employees' psychological distress in a caring, safe and confidential manner.

If a company or organization wants to participate in the employee support service program, we will arrange a briefing session at the company's client's office location to explain how to fully utilize this program.

We can arrange workshops for company employees,Learn how to deal with negative emotions.

Our confidential telephone hotline services include:

  • Mediating employees’ mental crises
  • Relieve emotional distress during emergencies
  • And provide immediate telephone counseling and
  • Make an appointment with professional clinical psychologist and counseling psychologist services
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