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Strengthen speech therapy services in schools

Our center has more than ten professional speech therapists with extensive experience in clinical speech therapy. 20% of speech therapists have other school-based experience, and 50% have speech therapists with more than 5 to 10 years of speech therapy experience. , Speech therapists with more than 19 years of clinical speech therapy experience account for 30%.

In order to strengthen school-based speech therapy services, we will arrange professional speech therapists to your school so that the school can effectively support students with speech disorders and assist them in the development of learning, communication and writing skills.

Our center’s professional speech therapists will tailor-make a school-based speech therapy service plan for your school, with three service areas: Prevention, Remediation, and Enhancement. service levels: students, teachers, parents, and schools.

Three service areas:


  • Provide preventive services for all students in the school to prevent speech disorders
  • Treatment

  • Provide professional speech assessment and diagnosis for school children
  • Provide individual or group therapy for students with speech impairment
  • After completing the assessment, the school-based speech therapist will provide each student with a free individual assessment report
  • Promote

  • Enhancing parents and teachers to master skills to improve students’ speech abilities
  • Improve the speech and communication skills of all students in the school
  • Four service levels:


  • Speech ability assessment for students suspected of having speech impairment
  • Provide individual, group and in-class speech therapy services for students in need
  • Create a rich language environment for students to help and promote their language development
  • Design appropriate training plans for students based on their learning needs
  • Improving students’ language skills can absorb knowledge more effectively and improve their learning and communication skills
  • Parents

  • Explain to parents the characteristics of the student’s speech impairment and its impact on learning and daily life
  • Guide parents on how to create a rich language environment
  • Train parents on techniques to improve students’ speech abilities
  • Teacher

  • Instruct teachers on how to identify students with speech impairments in school
  • Explain to teachers the characteristics of students’ language impairment and its impact on learning
  • Work with teachers to design appropriate tutoring strategies in line with course needs
  • Strengthen collaboration with teachers and integrate language training goals into classroom teaching
  • Work with teachers to develop speech therapy coaching materials and enrichment courses
  • Assist teachers in designing students’ individual learning plans and provide professional advice on curriculum adjustment
  • School

  • Assist schools to create an inclusive culture to achieve the goal of whole-school participation
  • Assist schools in formulating school-based strategies to support students with language impairment
  • Service features:

  • Our on-campus speech therapy service is personally supervised by professional clinical reviewers, Mr. Li Kam-shing, who holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Master of Research in Speech and Hearing Science from the University of Hong Kong
  • This center is the only professional speech therapy center in Hong Kong that purchases professional liability insurance for all professionals
  • The center will provide detailed, digitized and scientifically cited assessment reports
  • We promote person-centered treatment planning
  • Our on-campus speech therapy service will provide detailed and relevant extended training suggestions
  • The center will arrange a permanent speech therapist on campus
  • This center provides free telephone consultation services
  • Our services can meet the development and needs of schools
  • Our services are designed to assist students’ development and reduce teachers’ burden
  • Our school-based speech therapy service has a strict monitoring system to ensure that the personal information of service users will not be leaked
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