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NEW PAGE Speech Therapy & Rehab Consultancy Limited

We strive to help individuals and families in need to embark on a brand-new page in their life journey. Established in 2004, we provide a diverse range of high-quality professional services to clients on-site, as well as outreach services to schools, communities, and institutions. 

We deliver speech therapy, swallowing therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nutritional therapy, clinical and counseling psychology, autism therapy, play therapy, life planning, dyslexia training and child development training, etc.

ALPHA Program

The period from zero to six years old is the golden period of growth with the strongest learning ability. We use games as a medium to provide targeted intensive or all-round development and learning training for preschool children.

Course objectives

Through targeted training, children’s social communication skills are improved, thereby strengthening children’s cognition, emotion management, language, self-care and large and small muscle abilities.

course features

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) tutors will regularly design and write IEPs for children based on their abilities and developmental needs. Teaching methods improve children's development abilities through systematic teaching methods, such as: visual strategies, idea interpretation, social stories, floor time, picture exchange communication method (PECS), behavior modification method (ABA), etc. The tutor will record the progress in a handbook for parents to conduct home training, thereby strengthening the communication between parents and tutors and extending what the children have learned into their lives.

Course Tutor

Courses are jointly designed by speech therapists, occupational therapists, special child care workers and child development instructors.

Course object

Children aged 10 months to 6 years old, diagnosed with speech impairment, developmental delay, suspected autism, autistic tendencies, and autism spectrum.

Class time

SPACE Program

Training scope

Through individual and group training, children's ten major development areas (social interaction and language, game skills and large and small motor abilities, concentration and emotion, communication and cognition, emotions and interactive relationships) and four basic learning abilities (memory, Analytical ability, self-care ability and daily routine).

Training features

Based on the curriculum structure of Scerts® (Dr. Prizant), and through a structured learning environment and systematic teaching methods, children’s learning abilities, daily life skills, social adaptation, and willingness to interact with others are enhanced and improved. Emotional behavioral problems. (Systematic teaching methods include: visual strategies, mental interpretation, daily processes, social stories, floor time, picture exchange communication method (PECS), behavior modification method (ABA)) Additional extended training.

Additional course arrangements

Children will be provided with the following additional training every month:
  • 1. Training of individual special education tutors or child development tutors 4 times a month (30 minutes per session)
  • 2. Individual speech therapy and therapy twice a month (30 minutes each session)
  • 3. Professional instructors for group music therapy training twice a month (30 minutes per session) will design teaching content and prepare individualized education plans (IEP) for children regularly (one or two months) based on children's abilities and development needs. .

    Course object

    Children aged 1 year and 10 months to 6 years old, diagnosed with speech impairment, developmental delay, suspected autism, autistic tendencies, and autism spectrum. Teacher-student ratio 1:3

    Class time

    Classes are held for three hours every day from Monday to Friday from 9:15 am to 12:15 pm (except public holidays and class suspensions announced by the Education Bureau)
  • Barrier-free reading and writing

    Fully effective learning ability improvement course

    The barrier-free reading and writing comprehensive learning ability improvement course will teach students how to organize, retain and apply the knowledge they have learned through different teaching strategy training, and improve students' learning abilities in all aspects, including Chinese, English, memory, and concentration. and problem solving, etc., so that students can experience the spirit of "learning to learn".

    Course object

    Primary 1 to Primary 6 students
    Course content
  • Chinese reading ability training
  • Writing ability training
  • English reading and writing training
  • Effective learning and training
  • Concentration improvement training
  • memory training
  • Thought training
  • Problem solving training
  • Course features
  • Master effective learning methods: Tutors will develop individual training plans based on students’ abilities and dominant learning methods, and help students understand and apply the skills and tools required for different dominant learning methods.
  • Multi-sensory learning method: learning through different senses, such as touch, vision, hearing and kinesthetic sense. Help students understand their best learning methods and use different methods of receiving and applying information to help improve their memory and learning abilities.
  • Regular review: Tutors will regularly review students' performance and revise their learning goals and training models.
  • Counseling and adjustment consultation: Tutors will also discuss students' learning situation and progress with parents to help students successfully apply learning skills to classroom learning.
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