School Psyhological Support

School-based psychological support service

Through the in-school and on-site services of counselor psychologists, we provide comprehensive and diversified professional support to students, teachers and parents in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.

The goals are as follows:

  • Provide tutoring and activities that meet students’ development needs to help students realize their potential and achieve all-round development
  • Assist teachers to understand students’ needs and support teachers in providing appropriate guidance to students
  • Support student families and help parents and children establish a close and harmonious parent-child relationship
  • Assist schools to establish a caring and positive campus culture
  • Promote home-school cooperation
  • Student Support

    Provide individual or group counseling, lectures and workshops for students in general and with special educational needs to help them explore their personal potential and strengths, overcome difficulties in interpersonal relationships, emotional behavior, academic and family, etc., and build a positive values ​​to promote students’ all-round development.

    Service content includes: (Content can be customized according to the needs of individual schools.)

  • Case Counseling
  • Social training
  • Enhance adaptability and resilience
  • Self-knowledge
  • Leadership training
  • Emotion and Stress Management
  • Career planning
  • Child-based play therapy

    Through games, students understand their world, express their inner thoughts and feelings, build social skills, and achieve self-growth. In child-based play therapy, students can use selected toys to "act out" their inner thoughts and feelings in the game, allowing the therapist to understand the student's inner world. Play therapy is an effective way for students to find an outlet for their emotions. Whether students have emotional distress or behavioral problems, they can be improved through play therapy. If students have the following conditions, they can get help through play therapy:

    Play therapy

  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence, avoid new attempts and difficulties, and give up easily
  • Excessively withdrawn, afraid of contact with others, often worried about being laughed at
  • Lack of motivation to learn and fear of going to school
  • Easily anxious and fearful, often needing the company of a caregiver
  • Easily irritable, difficult to sleep, and have loss of appetite
  • Rebellious and unruly
  • Loss of temper easily, has difficulty controlling emotions, and hits others
  • Teacher Support

    In order to enable teachers to achieve their teaching goals more effectively, the center provides teachers with consultation, professional development lectures and workshops, so that they can have a deeper understanding of students' needs at different stages, help them deal with students' difficulties, and promote students' learning performance and development.

    Service content includes: (Content can be customized according to the needs of individual schools.)

  • Emotional support and stress management
  • Improve students’ learning motivation
  • Case consultation for students’ emotional and behavioral problems
  • Discover students’ potential and strengths
  • Understanding and interpreting students’ psychological assessment reports
  • Understanding special educational needs and related classroom management skills
  • Parent support

    Parents play an important role in the growth of students. The parent-child relationship and parental discipline model are closely related to students' academic performance. The center is committed to providing different types of lectures and workshops to enable parents to better understand students' growth needs, improve their children's discipline skills, promote parent-child communication, and more effectively help their children's learning and growth.

    Service content includes: (Content can be customized according to the needs of individual schools.)

  • Improving children’s learning motivation
  • Discover your children’s potential and strengths
  • Cultivate children to build a positive life
  • Dealing with children’s Internet addiction
  • Handling parent-child conflicts
  • Emotional support
  • Effectively discipline children with special educational needs.
  • Career Planning

    The purpose of career planning is to comprehensively plan your life. It is a process that requires careful consideration. By exploring different stages of life, you can understand your own needs through understanding important areas in life, such as work, school, family, interpersonal relationships and leisure. Personal characteristics, including preferences, abilities, values, etc., and considering surrounding environmental factors to set life goals and career directi


    Life planning education activities and workshops In the form of lectures, group activities and workshops, the concept of career planning is introduced, allowing students to understand their own personal characteristics through the activities and learn how to plan and implement their goals.
      Service content includes: (Content can be customized according to the needs of individual schools.)
    • Understand personality, interests, abilities and values
    • Recognize the internal and external factors that influence career decisions
    • Develop the ability to plan and make decisions
    • Discuss life roles
    • Explore life goals and direction


    Personal career coaching and assessment
    Through in-depth personal interviews, students can fully understand personal characteristics, external environmental factors and the mutual influence of the two, so as to make appropriate career decisions. Career counseling is not only about helping students face basic needs such as finding a job and further education, but more importantly, it is about helping students explore and reflect on the meaning and goals of life, and to implement personalized goals in academic, work or living environments.


    Teacher and parent support
    In order to allow teachers and parents to more effectively assist students in life planning, our center will provide consultation, lectures and workshops to help teachers and parents understand the concept of life planning, and Gain a deeper understanding of students’ needs for further study, employment and development at different stages.
    Service content includes: (Content can be customized according to the needs of individual schools.)
    • Understand the career decision model
    • Understand the development needs at different career stages
    • Discover the potential and strengths of students/children
    • Case consultation
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